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Carolyn's ICU Story

Updated: Feb 27

My favorite story is when the ICU night shift nurses advocated for a twenty-five-year-old woman with cardiomyopathy. Her heart was so weak that the physicians said there was nothing they could do—she was done. But the nurses said NO! We've got to save her! Because the nurses insisted, they put her on a ventricular assist device and sent her to UCLA. She came back several months later and said that she didn't remember any of us, but thanked us for saving her life. She had fully recovered without needing a heart transplant. Even the physician had tears in his eyes. I am so thankful to have worked with so many nurses that truly cared about their patients; it can be a life-changing event!

Jenn's note: Thank you, Carolyn! It's stories like these that make me proud to be a nurse.

A photo of a sign that says thankyou ICU nurses.

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