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Embracing Gratitude: A Thankful Welcome to the Thanksgiving Season

Updated: Feb 27

With Thanksgiving just days away, it's so easy to get swept up in the hectic hustle of planning, shopping, and preparing a feast. But it's important that we stop and welcome the season by embracing our gratitude for all that goodness that we've been given.

A photo of a beautiful fall decorated plate that says thankful.

If you're working on Thursday, it's likely that you'll encounter cafeteria gravy that's not quite like the stuff at home. My friend Nancy Jane describes her special sauce as "Crack Gravy." I've yet to try it, but I know her secret if anyone is interested...

If you work in Home Health or Hospice, you might swing into McDonalds and catch up to the family dinner later. Loved the freedom and flexibility!

The little country hospital where I had worked did a traditional NO-TURKEY Thanksgiving potluck. Being the rebel that I am, I brought turkey lasagna one year, and our dear TeleTech/Unit Secretary, Eric ate so much of it that after his shift he went to his parents for the real Thanksgiving dinner and was so stuffed that he didn't eat a bite (sorry Eric's mom).

When my boys were young, I would put a bowtie on my bird before he went in the oven, stand him on the counter, and make him dance - another tradition.

To all my fellow nurses, syringes are really an innovative invitation to get creative while prepping your bird. Through the years, I've injected my turkeys with apple juice, butter, and even white wine. (Who am I kidding? I drank the wine.)

If you have a chance to share, it's a feeling like no other to provide a turkey to someone less fortunate than yourself. It's turkey wars out there right now people! Whether you do multiple test drives at a local car dealership in exchange for coupons for free turkeys (like I did that one year) or spend $100 at Albertsons and earn a free turkey that way, it's super fun to gift someone a bird! Just don't put the very perishable turkey in the drop box at your local food pantry, because who knows when they will do a pickup and that may not end well.

So, this year, share the gratitude, and wherever you gather, take a moment to be thankful for the Nancy Janes, the Eriks, the dancing turkeys, and the wine. Especially the wine.

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