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Halloween Series - Part III

Updated: Feb 27

This one is my favorite — a trick gone wrong! Happy Halloween!

A photo of a happy Jack O Lantern.

Brandon's Story

At my old hospital, one of our older EM docs, Dr. Lang was a bit of a prankster. Whenever we had a death in the ED, the security staff would take the body to the basement morgue. One night, this doc had the great idea to lie on a gurney, have the nurses throw a sheet over him, and call security to take the “body” down to the morgue. “Floppy” the security guard was on that night. He was about 6’7" and wore like a size 15 shoe that resembled clown shoes, hence the nickname Floppy (the clown). Well, Floppy had him on the elevator, and as soon as the doors closed, Dr. Lang rose up from the gurney. Upon seeing this, Floppy immediately became syncopal and went down right there in the elevator, hitting his forehead on the way down. It caused a good-sized laceration on his forehead - not so funny!

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