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Halloween Stories - Part II

Updated: Feb 27

This one from an ICU nurse is the spookiest of them all. Thanks a lot Truman!

(I may have to sleep with the light on tonight.)

A photo of a frightened skeleton.

Truman's Story

We have a room on our unit we are all convinced is haunted. It’s that room that seems to have more patients die in it than any other room on the floor. Way before I started working there one of our doctors got so frustrated with the number of deaths in that room, he nailed an angel holding a rosary outside the door.

That doctor actually passed away a few years ago, but his picture still hangs in the unit.

I’ve taken care of patients in this room and have had some spooky experiences. There’s a huge bathroom attached to this room that has a bathtub. This is an ICU room, so we obviously never use it. It acts as a storage closet more than anything else. I’ve had multiple instances where I closed the door to the bathroom before I left the patient's room only to discover it open again the next time I entered the room. I sit right outside the patient's room charting, so I know for a fact no one else has gone in. I’ve been in the middle of patient care and heard loud “thuds” and “bangs” coming from inside the bathroom only to open the door and see nothing inside has fallen and there is no one in there.

Apparently, there was a young pediatric patient in that room who kept talking about a doctor coming into her room at night to tell her she was going to be alright. No one knew who she was talking about. Eventually, when she got well enough to walk around the unit, she pointed to the picture of the doctor who passed away and said that he was the doctor who told her she was going to be ok.

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