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Let's Talk Skin...

Here I am, a southern California girl living in the high desert where it not only gets cold, but it's also very dry. There are so many creams and lotions out there that claim to be the cure for dry skin, and honestly, after spending top dollar on others, I've found that Lubriderm Advanced Therapy lotion is the best for all over hydration. It does just as it claims on the bottle by intensely hydrating my extra-dry skin for 24 hours with a clean non-greasy feel. All this, and it contains vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5, and lipids too.

I recently found another product that is truly a skin miracle! It is made by Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts and is their Clinical Post Peel, a recovery balm for sensitized or severely dry skin. Apply it to dry cracked skin at bedtime and you're healed by the morning!

Brad's favorite remedy (and his hands get really dry), is O'Keefe's Working Hands, a hand cream for extremely dry cracked hands. However, I know for a fact that he uses my Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts on his face and lips.

Although dry skin is certainly attributed to dry weather, nothing was

worse than when I was working in the hospital and washing my hands 300 times per shift; my hands would actually crack and bleed! That's when I discovered Gloves In A Bottle (I sound like a commercial for the stuff...) But seriously, it lasts up to four hours or more—it protects your hands through frequent hand washing and can even help reverse the damage from over-sanitizing your hands! The hand-sanitizing gels & foams used frequently in hospitals can really wreak havoc on the skin...

What are your favorite solutions for dry skin?


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