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Nurse Lucy Letby

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32-year-old British nurse Lucy Letby found guilty of murdering seven newborn babies and attempting to kill ten others. Her actions were deliberate and calculated, trying several times in some instances to kill one child. What are your thoughts and what do you think the consequences should be?

A photo of nurse Lucy Letby.
British Nurse Lucy Letby


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This is a sad yet interesting case. I have read about Lucy in BBC articles Despite said articles I have multiple questions about the case. Granted there is much the press may not know or reveal. Howeve, this case appears to stink on many levels First, how in the heck did no one realize that something terrible was happening after the first, second, or third death??? Who is reviewing the case? No doubt she worked on a challenging unit, but no excuse. This serial killer accomplished multiple killings as well as multiple attempted killings before leadership or the la w stopped her. Seems like negligence could be at play here with coworkers and administrations. Again, who was reviewing this unit?


Jennifer Tipton
Jennifer Tipton

Whatever her motive was, I don't think she should be given special treatment because she's a nurse, the consequences for her actions should as it would for anyone that committed such a heinous crime. In my opinion, I don't think nurses are evil - people are.

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