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Open Discussion - Covid Continues?

I can't rightfully call the virus Covid 19 any longer because there are now so many variants! Maybe we should rename it Covid 399 ... does the vaccine even cover them all? Do the risks outweigh the benefits? The Covid vaccine created a lot of controversy for being an RNA vaccine instead of the conventional DNA vaccine - did you know that our flu vaccines are also an RNA vaccine? We've recently opened a discussion about the Covid vaccine, and we have only begun to touch the surface...

According to a most reputable source, Dr. Carey Savitch (infectious disease physician for over four decades and author of The Nutcracker is Already Dancing), the booster vaccine if given indefinitely, will result in hypersensitivity and an immune deficiency. In response to my question about the possible relationship between the Covid vaccine and the recent sudden cardiac deaths of young athletes, Dr. Savitch explained that if indeed the vaccine causes mild carditis, a gentleman in his seventies who is not especially physically active, would not be affected the same as a young man post Covid vaccine who takes part in strenuous physical activity on a regular basis, which in conjunction with mild carditis may indeed result in death.

More to come ...

So ... what are your thoughts?


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