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Take the Poll - Exercise Much?

I'll admit, I've really backed off on my exercise routine. For a while, I was on a roll, doing 20 minutes of cardio, some core, and a little weight training almost daily. It takes self-discipline to maintain a routine, and I found that what worked for me was to remind myself that at the least, it was only 20-30 minutes out of my day! But lately, I've lost all motivation. I know that I not only feel better in general, but I tend to sleep better too. However, now I think of every excuse not to do it. I use the "I've got too much to do" excuse most often. There's an "exercise" room set up here in the house and a weight bench in the garage, so it's not like I even have to go anywhere! But maybe it's easier when you do have to go to a class or a training session at a certain time because then you are committed to attending. Going to the gym has been a popular thing for quite some time. But when I used to go, I'd see many members just standing around with their phones, not really working out at all. Maybe some are lucky to not have to sweat like a ninja (do ninjas sweat?) to look great. But I have to work at it, and when I was going to the gym, it was a serious workout. I loved my trainer; she made workouts a lot of fun. Maybe I just need someone at my side like Lucy, shouting at me with that German accent "Two more! You can do it, Jenn!"

If that doesn't motivate you, I don't know what would!

How About You - Exercise Much?

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