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The Story of Mischievous Mucho

Updated: May 6

A lot like the story in my book about the big scary resident at Camarillo State Hospital who playfully helped himself to my prized white Oakley sunglasses, this story might be even better! When Karen Robinson told me the story about "Mucho", a resident at the long-term care facility where she once worked, I knew I had to share it with you!

a good nurse's true story

Oh, the patients that we never forget! And that, my friends, is what this website's all about!

Karen recalled her story like this, "It was when Idaho closed their mental health hospitals (state institutions), and many of the patients were put into long-term care facilities. I think it was an ineffective plan because they didn't get the care they needed there. Most of them had problems with alcohol, schizophrenia, and multiple personality disorders.

And many smoked Pall Malls, one right after the other!

One such patient was a great big guy called Mucho. He didn't speak any English and was quite mischievous - he was known to crawl in bed with the senior residents!

A senior resident named Agnes was a wanderer. When Mucho crawled into bed with her one night, she was ready for him with a rock under her pillow! He crawled in beside her and she clobbered him! She may have been a little demented, but she knew what was going on!

That night, there was just me and another nurse named Connie on duty. Connie was a beautiful blonde with huge knockers. We heard a loud thud and went running. Connie came into the room first and found Mucho on the floor bleeding profusely! I entered the room next, and we just looked at each other very concerned. We thought for certain that Agnes had knocked him unconscious! But as Connie leaned down to assist him, he reached up and grabbed a handful of her boob! I guess he wasn't as unconscious as we thought!"

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The topic of rude and violent patients or family members is not discussed enough. Thank you for sharing this story. I sometimes wonder if the average person is aware of how many times hospital/home healthcare workers are attacked???


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