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Why Dads Make Great Nurses

Male nurses, particularly fathers, bring unique and invaluable contributions to the nursing field. Their nurturing instincts, ability to remain calm under pressure, and the practical experience they gain from fatherhood, all translate into exceptional patient care. Their presence in nursing not only challenges gender stereotypes but also promotes diversity in healthcare. Reflecting on my own experience starting nursing in 1988, I recall how male nurses, though a rarity, were greatly appreciated for their assistance with lifting. Their additional strength was invaluable for handling heavier patients. Moreover, male nurses who are fathers bring an added advantage with their nurturing abilities. I consider myself fortunate to have worked alongside some of these remarkable individuals.

A photo of a dad holding a small child above his head, both are very happy.

In my book, I share the story of several male nurses. One in particular was a nurse named Howie, an absolute delight to work with! This guy had the brilliant idea to invent a silent blow-dart gun to sedate cantankerous patients who wouldn't go to sleep (without them suspecting a thing). Howie, who was creative and innovative, was also a dad working the night shift. During the day, Howie stayed home with the kids while his wife went to work. Although he should have been sleeping (if only he could), he was responsible for their two sons. But he did need to catch some sleep sometime, so naturally he would doze off now and then. One night, Howie came on duty laughing about how the two boys had drawn all over each other with an ink pen (while he was watching them).

Howie had patience, empathy, and tolerance, which are essential qualities in the healthcare. Skills that are needed for parenting are also valuable when providing care for patients. Children frequently face frightening and challenging situations, and it is a parent's responsibility to offer support and guidance to help them feel secure.

Fathers excel at being attentive listeners!

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, males account for just 9 percent of the nursing workforce across the country. It is regrettable as nursing offers excellent career prospects for men, particularly fathers! Here are some reasons why: nursing is among the most flexible professions nationwide, providing more family time; nursing is a recession-resistant occupation with a constant demand for nurses; there are a variety of different positions to choose from, and with numerous departments and specialties to explore, it is an appealing career option for the family man! And, one last note, a career in healthcare is not limited to nursing, there are many other positions available that offer job security, a steady income, and unparalleled job satisfaction!

Here are the perfect gifts for dad the nurse:

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