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you will never know
the value of a moment
until it becomes a memory.

— Dr. Suess

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The stories we never forget...

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Hi there! Jennifer Tipton here.

 After practicing as an RN for nearly thirty years, I wrote a book called:

Off the Chart A Nurse's Journey

of Heart and Humor

In it, I share the stories of some remarkable individuals who made a lasting

impression on my life. Funny thing is, 

we are supposed to be the caregivers when in fact, it's those that we care for who often bring something special into our own lives!  

This site was created to give others a place

to share their own stories. 


No matter where you may be

on your journey,



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 Did you know that

 gets viewers from all over the world?

 True story!

 For more true stories, check out:

 Off the Chart A Nurse's Journey

  of Heart and Humor 

 (getting 5-star reviews!) 
Pick up a copy here:


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Did you know
gets viewers from all over the world?

True Story!
  For more true stories, check out:
Off the Chart A Nurse's Journey
of Heart and Humor
(getting 5-star reviews)

Pick up a copy here:


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