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Nursing is a significant part of who I am. It’s been more than just a job for me, it’s been my passion and purpose. Starting in telemetry, spending some time in supervisory and management positions, acting as a case manager in the home health care field, working in critical care, and finally holding the title of director for an agency that provided services to seniors and the community — it's truly has been job satisfaction off-the-chart! 

The only thing I've loved more than caring for others are my four boys, but that's a story for another time ...  

I wrote the book Off the Chart: A Nurse’s Journey of Heart and Humor to share my personal journey and most memorable stories of my nursing career. Most importantly, I wanted to find a way to save the treasured stories of some very special patients and co-workers that I met along the way, and what could be better than within the pages of a book!


The book takes place in Southern California where I've spent most of my life. Currently I live in the Treasure Valley in Idaho with my husband and our two mini-Aussies, Cisko and Scout. We are enjoying all this beautiful state has to offer like hiking, kayaking, camping and ... we just bought a Harley (she's sweet!). 

We have a good size property where we've planted lots of fruit trees and started a huge garden. There's also roses and peppers and herbs to care for! Like a pioneer in the homesteading days, I'm learning how to dry the herbs, smoke the peppers, and prepare much of the harvest for canning; it's fun, but it's a lot of work too!

Did I mention that although I'm retired, Cisko is a diabetic, so I'm administering insulin to my dog twice a day ...

(Insert eye roll here.) Good thing we love him so much! 

Thanks for taking the time to read about me. I'd love to hear about you too - send me a note! 


Jenn and Scout

Jennifer Tipton RN & Scout

Author & Apprentice

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