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Updated: Jul 11, 2023

I don't know about you, but it recently occurred to me that although I am quick to advocate for others, when it comes to myself - not so much. Why is that? Speaking up on behalf of someone else comes as easily as tying my shoes, but when it comes to speaking up for myself, it feels forced and uncomfortable. In my book, I talk about the hospital that frequently set up an easel by the elevator with words of inspiration for all to see. Occasionally, the message really reached out and spoke to me. One of those messages that I never forgot, referenced all of the hospital staff as having a "servant's heart." Is it really a calling to go into healthcare? Are we born with the desire to help others? And if so, why is it so much easier to advocate on their behalf, than it is for ourselves?

nurse asking a question
Your thoughts?

What are your thoughts?

Is it easier for you to advocate on behalf of your patients'

than it is for yourself?


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