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Angie's Story-Camaraderie Amongst Nurses

Updated: Feb 27

"The camaraderie among us nurses became the strength we needed."

A nurse who volunteered after Hurricane Katrina.

Undoubtedly, one of my favorite memories in nursing would be after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, and our facility gathered some volunteers to assist in the disaster. I had the privilege to be among those nurses, and embedded in my mind was when we witnessed firsthand not only the deaths, but the families that had been separated by the destruction, and also countless stories of homelessness! The people that were victims of the disaster referred to us as their "les anges de la miséricorde", or angels of mercy. Having said that, among the chaos and desolation in the faces of so many, one could still see their hope and perseverance. Unquestionably, the camaraderie among us nurses became the strength we needed, to serve those in need in the midst of such deplorable devastation.

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