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Summer Side Series - Fresh Corn!

Part 2 - Elote!

A photo of cheesy, spicy Mexican corn on the cob with wedges of lime.

Elote, commonly called Mexican Street Corn, is a grilled corn smothered in a creamy mayo sauce and topped with chili powder, cheese, and lime. If you're ever in Sedona, Arizona, there is a restaurant there by the same name where the food is off-the-chart amazing! They serve the stuff fresh from the cob as a dip with homemade chips, and it's all warm and gooey, loaded with grilled corn and lots and lots of cheese and spices. The last time we were there it was a 3-hour wait to be seated! But the really crazy part is that customers didn't hesitate to wait that long - because it's just that good! While this may not be the healthiest summer side, I guarantee it will be one of the tastiest!


4 ears of corn husked

2 tbsp. mayonnaise

2 tbsp. Mexican crema, or sour cream

1/2 cup Cotija cheese freshly grated, or queso fresco

chili powder, or tajin to taste

1 lime quartered

fresh chopped cilantro


1. Brush corn with melted butter and grill on medium heat until slightly charred

OR bring a large pot of salted water to a boil and cook the corn over medium-high heat until tender (about 10 minutes).

2. Mix the mayonnaise and the Mexican crema together and spread a thin layer all around the ears of corn.

3. Sprinkle the ears generously with Cotija cheese and the desired amount of chili powder.

4. Serve immediately garnished with fresh cilantro and a wedge of lime.



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