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"The Incredible Connection Between Motherhood and Nursing: Unveiling the Real Reason Why Moms Make Great Nurses"

Updated: May 10

Ever wonder why Nurses Week and Mother's Day fall in the same week? Yeah, me too, it's like there was a reason for it. While nursing is a great career choice for many men and women alike, moms just seem to have a certain advantage. Being a mother demands multi-tasking and flexibility, which are talents required of any nurse. Moms know how to prioritize and break away from their tasks to take the time to listen and offer support, and in nursing, critical thinking skills and compassion are crucial. Patience and self-sacrifice, also a requirement to be a mom, definitely play a big part in the role of a nurse. It's like moms come into the nursing field with their own personal set of prerequisites.

After all, motherhood is caregiving.

A photo of a woman in a field with two young boys.

Many single moms become nurses because the profession offers remarkably flexible schedules, which gives them more time with their kids and enables them to be financially independent.

I worked nights for years when my boys were young because I figured they were sleeping while I was at work, and I was sleeping while they were at school, which gave me more time to be with them. Later, I worked in home health care because I could schedule my patient visits around school and sporting events.

Sure, you'll have to work a few holidays, but if you work at a hospital doing 12-hour shifts, you're only required to work 3 days a week—that's 4 days off with the kiddos!

And in home health, you make your own schedule around your family instead of vice versa!

There are so many niches and specialties in the nursing field that married or single, nursing offers a great opportunity to work full-time and still be a full-time mom!

While balancing work with parenting can be challenging for anyone, nursing offers much more flexibility than other employment types. Besides, your skills and knowledge also become an asset to your family. However, on the downside, if your child is sick and whiney, as a nurse, you may be inclined to tell them to suck it up - after all, they are not dying.

(This also applies to spouses.)

So, if you're already a mom and a nurse, kudos!

But if you're a mom looking for a career path, look no further! Acclimating to a career in healthcare will come naturally to you because you've already been training for it!

Although both being a mom and being a nurse are very demanding, the rewards are unmatched when you see the difference you make in the lives of others.

It's indisputable that moms make great nurses, and much like being a mom, nursing offers job satisfaction that's off-the-chart! Here's my proof:

Here is a heartfelt story submitted by one of our members: Diane's Story

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