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My wish for you.

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

My wish for you is to enjoy this journey called life. It certainly has its share of ups and downs and bumps in the road, with some being very big bumps, and others being freaking potholes that are hard to crawl out of. One of my favorite sayings is, "The only constant is change." We can always depend on the fact that our current circumstances won't remain, because the world is constantly changing around us.

A nurse friend once said to me, "You know the t-shirts and hats that say Life is Good?" And I said, "Of course, what about them?" She said very matter-of-fact like, "Well, sometimes life isn't so good!" I had to agree. And it got me thinking — life is great...until it isn't...and then it is again... Our journey through life is really just a series of ups and downs - you just gotta go with it and ride it out. This same beautiful nurse friend and I went to nursing school together. She had the happiest of marriages, these two simply adored one another along with their two young daughters. But, shortly after our graduation, he started having respiratory problems, and each time they sought treatment, he was given a new antibiotic, assuming it was pneumonia. She requested more diagnostics be done since he wasn't improving with the antibiotics, but because they had an HMO, it was taking far too long to get any tests approved. Although he was a nonsmoker, he died of lung cancer because of a missed diagnosis and the delay in care. I remember her telling me that an HMO is ok if you stay on top of it and know when to push. She wished she hadn't waited on the insurance company but had gone ahead and paid out of pocket. I can't begin to imagine how hard it must have been for her throughout that time. And yet, somehow, she made it through. In fact, she is now happily remarried and living on a ranch with her new husband who she met riding horses. Sometimes, when we least expect it, something wonderful comes along in this journey called life!


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